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The Projects
Dictionaries and Curriculum Textbooks

​CARE has distributed over 3000 dictionaries and curriculum textbooks to middle schools, high schools, and community centers in rural India to date. The objective is to ensure that students are able to join the international community of learning.

Winter Jackets

​CARE promotes, sponsors, and organizes Winter Jackets drives for elementary schools students in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area to ensure that students remain warm and comfortable while going to school!

Computer Literacy, Vocational Training, and Mentoring Workshops

​CARE has initiated computer literacy, vocational training, and mentoring workshops in India, and continues to run and sponsor these workshops to benefit impoverished individuals, so that they will be able to support themselves.

Merit Scholarships

CARE sponsors 6 merit scholarships covering tuition, room and board, and all associated expenses for students in underprivileged communities in India who demonstrate a desire and passion for learning, so that they can pursue their dreams.

School Supplies and Art Supplies

​CARE provides school supplies and art supplies for students, teachers, and community centers in India, the Dominican Republic, North Carolina, New Orleans, and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, and is expanding to distribute STEM activity toolkits globally.

We're always looking to do more!

​Do you know of any projects that you feel are worthwhile to pursue and are in line with CARE's vision? If so, please contact us at! We look forward to hearing from you!

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