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Dictionaries and Curriculum Textbooks

Get involved in the effort to ensure that every child has the opportunity for education! CARE has sponsored over 3000 dictionaries and curriculum textbooks in rural schools and community centers in India, and this program is rapidly spreading across India, as well as expanding to Africa and the Dominican Republic!


Merit Scholarships

CARE provides worthwhile recipients merit-based scholarships covering tuition, room, board, and all associated expenses. Please join us in the effort to promote education!


Computer Literacy, Vocational Training, and Mentoring Workshops

CARE has initiated efforts to create, provide, and sustain computer literacy, vocational training, and mentoring workshops to impoverished individuals in India so that they will be able to support themselves.


Winter Jackets Drive

CARE distributes and organizes Winter Jackets drives in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area to ensure that children have a warm winter!


School Supplies and Art Supplies

CARE provides school and art supplies for students, teachers, and community centers in India, the Dominican Republic, North Carolina, New Orleans, and the Washington D.C. area, and is expanding to provide STEM activity toolkits globally.



“Thank you,” I remember her saying, “I had never imagined that I could one day go to school.”


She was from India, the daughter of a single unemployed mother. For someone with her background, school wasn’t an option.


CARE has raised funds for her education, and now she’s enrolled full-time in school and teaching English to her mother and siblings.






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